"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - a day trip

Yesterday hubby and I had to go to Madison, WI so I batted my eyes at him and ask if we could swing on around to Columbus to two of my favorite stops in this neck of the woods: Susan's Fiber Shop and Sassy Cow Creamery. Being that he is such a nice man, he agreed. Actually, the creamery is one of Dean's faves, too. First stop:

Anyone who reads this will think that Susan paid me to endorse her. But she did not. Her shop sells itself and I am going to show you how by several pictures. You walk into the left hand door and immediately you are face-to-face with YARNS and more YARNS. Along with books, spinning wheels, already made knitting projects to highlight special yarns, theme-related jewelry, needles, and on and on. I don't think I have ever been inside a larger yarn/fiber shop. It is a gem of fiber shopping experience and it's tucked away, off the beaten path. You probably need a GPS to find it (address at above link.) Or call her - she can give you directions. (I think she is closed on Thursdays.)

And when you go on toward the back you see an entrance into the older part of the store - a place brimming with FIBER and more FIBER, raw, processed, dyed, whatever you need. And more spinning wheels. And looms. You really have to see it to believe it. Which you are fixin' to do, right here - well as much as a small camera can capture.

 Just the first section of the back.

 See these bags - wool, all raw wool.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Susan goes to many fiber shows but if you happen to go when she's around, you'll see her smiling face. She knows almost everything she carries and is very knowledgeable about what else might be available and how to get it. She tries to find the most reasonable prices to match your needs and wants. A wealth of knowledge. But beware, she is definitely a Type A (AAA).  :)

Here she is showing off her latest coloring technique. She took some of her beloved Teeswater wool and, I don't know, I think she said she used black Wilton cake color, which became 8 different colors and then she sprinkled a bit of ammonia on top, just for interest. I wanted to eat it up, it looked so fabulous.  Click here to see a photo album on the shop's Face Book page.

Wall art some creative person hung from a weaving shuttle.  It is a drop spindle, one of the earliest forms of spinning equipment.  More on that later.

And here is a picture of a part of Susan's Teeswater flock.  They usually greet you with a "baaa" and they are right outside the back door of her shop.  They were recently sheared or else you would see their magnificent fleeces.

Second stop:  Sassy Cow Creamery.  Can't go to Susan's without stopping here.

It's a small building but is full of cheese, milk, butter, fun t-shirts and ICE CREAM, made right there from their sassy cows.  I had my favorite, a waffle cone with cherry, dark chocolate ice cream.  Dean had his fave, butter pecan.  We even brought a gallon of ice cream home.

 I tried to get him between licks - but it was a difficult task.

Sassy cow offers tours of the creamery, in the summer but not very often, so notice the days:
You could call or go to their website for times.  

 A peek through the big window into the creamery.

And one last fun photo.  Notice the names and types of Sundaes.  Cow Sundaes.

It was a fun day.  I even bought some (more) fiber.  ;)  Later post.

God bless you.


  1. That place is a knitter's DREAM! Susan's. Not the ice cream place. ;o) BAH!

  2. I have been to Susan's too.. what a wonderful place!


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