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Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Little Pine Cupboard

This post is not about spinning. It is not about knitting. Nor is it about any memories. But what it is about is absolute cuteness.

Except that my engineer husband doesn't exactly agree with me about that. It is rather a builder's nightmare. But it is soooo cute.

Recently we were on a vacation and while visiting with a high school friend and her husband, we drove to a small town to do some antiquing. Franklin, Indiana it was. There are many nice antique and "whimsy" shops in Franklin. We had lots of fun oooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing and resisting buying every neat thing we saw. Our guys would walk through the shops, scan for tools and other "men things," which, in some of the shops, were difficult to find. Then they would go outside to chat and wait. Both are very patient men.

While in one of the shops I spotted a little pine cupboard. When I say little, that is what I mean. It was (well, is) so tiny, 56" inches tall, 17 inches wide and 3.5" deep on the top, 8.5" deep on the bottom. It was an ugly green color and not really very symmetrical. There is trim on one side that isn't on the other and even the "feet", or braces for support, are not cut or positioned the same. It appears that someone took various pieces of wood from a variety of places and cobbled them together to make this little cupboard. It might have been made for a little girl to play with, except it seems too tall for that. Whatever the story is on this cupboard, it is soooo cute. AND it had been $45.00 USD and was marked down to $30.00. "What a deal," I said. My husband didn't say that, especially after he looked at the construction. But, with that said, it fit quite nicely in the back of our vehicle, with other things packed all around it.

Here are the before pictures.

Because it is so compact it would fit into many little spaces in a home. I bought it for our second bathroom but the only place it would fit in there is right in front of the light switches. However, not to worry, there were many other options. I considered the master bathroom, which would necessitate blue or white paint, but most of the other options would have it against a tan wall. After I crossed the master bath off the list, I decided to go with a coppery burnt orange so it would contrast nicely with the walls. It is Behr Paints, Maple Glaze, and I was able to get it covered with their sample size - because the cupboard is so small.

Here it is while I was waiting for it to dry.
My husband & I thought I'd need a second coat but after it dried, I saw how great it was with some of the green pigment showing through. So it was finished after 1 coat.

I have it sitting in a narrow hallway, probably not the most practical place for it, but it can be seen from the living room - it's soooo cute sitting there. And, wouldn't you agree, cute is the most important feature of this cabinet?


  1. Confession: I kind of liked the green. But the mustard is wonderful too!

    If you ever get sick of it, I'll find it a new home for you. :P COUGHmyhouseCOUGH

    1. Catie, I never knew you like antiques! :^)


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