"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Spinning Memories

This post is a photo trip down memory lane. Spinning memories. This time "spinning" is an adjective, not a verb.

As I've mentioned in past posts (like here and here), I have participated in many spinning demonstrations over the years. Some with a group, some with a farmer friend who sheared sheep and then I'd pick up some of the wool, card it and then spin it, and some demonstrations done alone. But probably the most enjoyable ones have been around Christmas time. There have been 2 different kinds of Christmas spinning venues for me and I will show them here by way of photographs. (Some of the photos have been lost on the computer so print copies had to be scanned. The quality is not ideal but maybe you'll get the idea.)

                         LIVING WINDOWS

For many years I participated in a local event called "Living Windows," as recently as last year, 2013. The goal of it is to set up various vintage vignettes in downtown store windows. I have never been able to see other windows, which have varied from year-to-year, so I will share this link to a newspaper photo gallery so you can see for yourself some of the great displays. And below I have added photographs of various years with a variety of costumes and window displays that I did. I also included a photo of hubby. A couple of years he portrayed an early 1900's carpenter. We don't have great pics so I only shared one.


Another event that our former church did for about 3 years was called Bethlehem Boulevard. It was quite spectacular, as we tried to portray the streets of Bethlehem as it might have been the night that Jesus was born. That is difficult in northern states of the U.S. during December - it all must be done inside. Bethlehem Boulevard is a "program" that can be purchased which includes ideas for displays, costumes, food, etc. When southern state churches put it on they can include goats, sheep, cows, etc. walking the "streets" of their parking lots. We had caged chickens and rabbits in our fellowship hall! We also had "authentic food vendors" (free to sample), street dancers, women at a well, a local potter, a local carpenter (hubby) and, you guessed it, a local spinner and weaver! Now in Jesus' time, spinning was still done by drop spindle so that is what I demonstrated with a little schpiel to each group that toured through. I didn't actually weave but displayed wares that I might have woven, but didn't. shhhh

There was also a living nativity with narration in the sanctuary, a simple version of the temple and an inn with a grouchy inn keeper and a NO VACANCY sign. 

Here are some random pictures that I could pull out of my files. 

One year we took our goldendoodle, crated her
and kept her in my booth. I told people that
she was a Syrian Sheep Dog (non-existent)
and that I spin her hair when she is sheared.
People loved that. She, however, did not.

Those Roman guards were pesky and nasty. Here
they were trying to squeeze more taxes
out of the poor and honest carpenter.

One year one of my sons participated as a poor musician
trying to sell a few products and make a little money with his flute.

Unfortunately we are no longer involved in either of these activities. I had done Living Windows for so long, I think they were looking for some variety. And the little church didn't do Bethlehem for too many years. It is a big, or rather HUGE, deal and I think they ran out of people who wanted to head it up.

But I'm very grateful for the experiences and the photographs that remain. And for the memories.


  1. It's lovely that you still have the photos and your memories.

    1. Yes, Gillian, and the costumes, too. Ya just never know when you might need a good costume.

      Merry Christmas, my 'cyber friend.' (I'm sure we'd be 'real friends' if the ocean wasn't so vast. :^)


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