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Friday, February 27, 2015

Hats for Troops and Wee Bunnies

I have a couple of links I want to share. The first is the actual pattern for the "wee bunny" I "test knitted" for Ann at Simply Playing. If you go to my first link above, scroll down and you will see my imperfect attempt at the cute little guy. Well, after I finished my bunny, gave my few thoughts to Ann, she put her finishing touches on the pattern and made it available here on Ravelry. Honestly, the pattern she designed is very clever, easy and makes such a little cutie. Here are some of hers - much better than mine. :^)

This next link is really exciting to me. I have been wanting to find a charity for which I could knit and maybe get some knitting buddies involved, too. Then just last week my son and I were visiting his grandmother and she was telling me about Trees From Home.org. It is an organization that ships small Christmas trees and boxes of goodies to American soldiers who are deployed. They have been trying to send woolen knitted or crocheted hats, as well. If you are interested in doing some knitting for a great cause, click on the above link. 

The patterns they provide are basic hat patterns and are very easy. Once you get to their web page, look on the right hand side for "Hand Made Knit Cap Appeal" or click here to view the pattern. This section does not have the mailing address for hats, but it can be found at the bottom of the home page. It is:
Trees From Home
2130 Brantwood Avenue
Glendale WI 53209

I'm eager to get started on some and to gather up hats from my friends to send to our troops. If you have any questions about the project, ask here. I have family involved and I can likely get an answer for you. If you are a knitting friend of mine, let me know if you want to get involved through me. Happy knitting.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Trees from Home website! :)

    1. Let me know if you want to make any. I can help with yarn or come over and knit & chew. HA


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