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Friday, March 27, 2015

Springtime...At Least Indoors

I woke up this morning to the outside thermometer reading 16° F. (that's -8.8° C) Brrrr! I really don't complain much about the weather because, well really, what difference is my complaining going to make. However, we have dragged the long johns back out of the drawers. Or should I say "...the long drawers out of the drawers." And the heavy coats back out. But it is springtime in Wisconsin, after all. And this happens every year. Just this last Monday evening - while my mother was visiting us from Tennessee - we had about 4 inches of snow.

Where I grew up further south, we always wore springy clothes for Easter, little white shoes, short sleeved dresses with lace or chiffon, and the like. Maybe we occasionally wore a light weight spring jacket, but only when Easter was in March and if it was breezy. But up here we often have snow over Easter weekend so we wear what we must to stay warm.

But that doesn't stop us from decorating for spring. So, since it is quite cold outside today, I am inspired to post some pictures of my spring decor. Nothing deep or profound. No patterns. Not even fabulous decor. Just springtime indoors. (I'm still working on the knitting projects from this post.)


I just made these little "cups" with some of my knitting friends. They are actually spray painted peat pots that we had fun decorating with buttons, stickers, fabric trim, fabric flowers, even earrings. The grass is recycled paper grass from Wal-Mart.

I recently got the Wilton Sheep Cake Mold from a local second-hand store. I was quite excited with the purchase.

Not a great photo, but this little bird and nest was a gift from my sister and is for slipping over the rim of a flower pot. Little Bird likes it just fine on the top of a lampshade. cheep-cheep

I smile each time I look at this bunny. She is a tin bobble-head bunny. She is supposed to look like a vintage tin toy. But she looks to me like a pleasant bunny whose head bounces back and forth. :^)

So, happy spring. No matter what the temperature is outside.


  1. Well, I've lived here my whole life and I *do* complain about the cold. It makes me feel better, dernit! :P

    1. Maybe you should don "long hannnles" (southern pronunciation). :^)


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