"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Monday, November 30, 2015

Yarn Give Away, Fun Links and Knitting the Wiggle Wrap

First off, a reminder of the yarn give-away planned for December 20, 2015. Anyone leaving a comment on my last post or any other post until December 20 will have their name put into a hat. You will get one entry per comment. I will mail the yarn to anywhere as soon as the winner and I have made contact. Maybe it will arrive at your home by the new year. It is Cascade 220 Paint. There are 2 unopened skeins and the equivalent of another entire skein.

Secondly, I have been seeing several fun links on Facebook and other places that relate to knitting. So I thought I'd share them in a post.

This first one is actually about crocheting. But it is a great inspirational story out of Scotland. I hope we are all still knitting or crocheting when we are 104 years old.
found here.

This next link has 10 super interesting facts about knitting - many about the history of the craft. For instance, did you know that knitting was once a male only occupation? Thank you for the great blog post, Angie.

And this last one is really helpful, with hand stretch exercises for knitters. I have been trying to remember to do these from time to time. I think the younger a person is when they start these exercises, the better for your hands. It is a Craftsy.com blog.

And lastly, I have been knitting on several projects, some finished, and  I will try to post on those FO soon. But what I am the most excited by right now is the Wiggle Wrap. It's kind of a silly name for such a cool project, but I will love using it when it is finished. I first saw it on a friend and she told me what kind of yarn and where to get it. So here's what I've done so far.

Actually, the wrap photograph was taken about 5 nights ago so I have a bit more done. I have about 20 inches knitted - only 56 more inches left to go! ugh! But it goes fairly quickly because the color changes and combinations are exciting to watch appear. I really didn't expect to have 20" accomplished by now but have had a nasty head cold this last week. Sooooo, what else do ya do when you feel lousy with no energy for normal tasks? We all know the answer to that - we KNIT!!

So as we come into the busy, exciting, magical month of December, I hope you have time to knit, and that you have time to remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. 

And take time to enter my yarn give-away by leaving a comment.


  1. That wrap looks really cool! I want to see it when you are done! Miss you friend. Feel better!

  2. A friend just shared the wiggle wrap pattern with me! How do you find the yarn? Scratchy was reported. Considering knitting for a b-day gift for 35 y/o daughter. How are you finding the pattern?

    Look forward to being a contestant in the yarn give-away ;)

    1. That was me that asked the questions about wiggle wrap
      margaret mcgann

    2. Margaret, I do love my Wiggle Wrap. And the loooong color changes of Kauni make the wrap so unique and fun. I do agree, however, that Kauni is scratchy. I replaced the wooden needles I used for it because they got a bit rough after 75 inches of knitting. HA

      But the wrap is definitely an outer garment so wearing the yarn is not a problem.

      This post is from last December and the yarn was been given away back at that time. But thank you for your comments and for your enthusiasm.

    3. Margaret (love your name - it's my mother's name, too), You can see me modeling my Wiggle Wrap here on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/LindaPackard/wiggle-wrap


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