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Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's A Tote (noun)

When I was a young girl living in Atlanta, Georgia, if you had to take someone somewhere, you were "carrying" them to wherever. When you had to carry something, you were "toting" it (verb). I think a grocery bag was also called a tote (noun). (My grandparents in Tenn. called that same bag a "poke.")

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a pattern for a really nice, simple tote (noun) or purse in the Love of Knitting magazine, Summer 2013. Not sure how I missed the tote bag when the magazine first arrived - it's on the front cover. Here's the picture as it is shown in the magazine →

I really like the bag, but wasn't as sure about that big ol' rose. It might be nice but I looked for a different knitted flower - I'm not a crochet-er.

The bag is knitted long-wise, as usual, but is sewn together short-wise, so the rows are vertical. Clear?

The yarn I picked is Plymouth Yarn Chunky Merino Superwash  and the color is #11, Rust. I'm probably not supposed to print the instructions but it is basically a 30" rectangle in stockinette with 50 CO stitches, size 10 1/2 needles. When the rectangle is finished, you seam up the cast on and bind off edges together and seam up the bottom, to form the open-top bag. I also put little "triangles" on the bottom to form a base. The top row near the handles ↑ is "pick up and knit" 120 stitches and then bind them off. I found a YouTube video to explain that here. And if this one is too tedious for you, here is another one, - it is short, sweet, and complete.  AND I decided to add a few randomly placed garter stitch rows to add texture and interest to the straight stockinette.

I also had to look for handles, which I found for the best price on eBay. And JoAnn Fabrics had the great lining fabric.

My dear friend, Catie has taught me well - "put a
bird on it." Or in this case, several.

For the lining, I wanted to have pockets sewn in for a cell phone, gum, etc., etc. The magazine pattern didn't give any tips on how to make or install a lining, other than to say it was optional, so I had to put my thinkin' cap on. Here's what I came up with:

Not sure the pictures capture the pockets, but they're pretty cool.  :^)  

And here is the final product.

Oh, yes, and here's the link to the knitted flower tutorial.

I haven't decided if I want to add a closure, which I suppose at this point, would have to be Velcro. I guess I can decide that after I "tote" it and see how much falls out.


  1. Oh my WORD. I'm in love with this bag. For reals.

  2. SOOOO pretty, Linda!! :D That is so interesting about the different uses for "carry" "tote" and "poke" LOL!

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  4. I love this bag and found handles i liked today so guess i better find yarn and get knitting. Its just adorable. Thanks for sharing your talents


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