"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tink - It's an Important Skill

The house is quiet again and piles of bedding and towels are nearly all washed and put away. As I begin the task of putting away the Christmas decorations for yet another year, many of the things make me smile as I look at them. Here's a look at a few of them.

Early in December I unearthed, so to speak, a couple of Christmas sweaters made just for Teddy Bears. So I found bears that the sweaters fit and dressed them for the holiday. I think I may just leave the attire on them for a month or 2 longer - they give me a little smile when I look at them.

Then just a week or so ago, my lovely stepdaughter finished a little cross stitched angel that she said I was swooning over the last time I saw her. So she framed the little cherub up and gave her to me. The gift brings a smile to my heart whenever I look at it.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I received a heavy package in the mail from a dear friend I've known since I was 12. The parcel had 2 wooden creations by her and her hubby: a yule log with candles and an angel wall hanging. Very nice treasures and momentos of our permanent friendship. Then tucked down in the box was a little knitting basket ornament.  A definite smile-causer.

And just a few moments ago while I was working on the photos for this post, a knitting friend stopped by my house with a few things for me, including a little gift of lovely snowflake earrings. I can't wait to wear them, but with the gift was a vintage card. It measures 2¼" x 3" and looks like something my mother would have had in the late 50's. I'm not sure if it is actually vintage or just has that look but it sure brought a smile to my face when I opened it.

And one other little thing - that is huge for knitter, I'm thinkin' - is a term I recently learned while I was teaching a Fair Isle (or 2 color knitting) class at the local yarn shop. It was while one of the ladies made a mistake all the way back to the beginning of her completed round. So she said, "No problem, I'll just 'tink' back." I don't think I had heard anyone use the term before but it is probably very common to most knitters. So I said, "Tink, I don't know what that is." She told me that it is Knit spelled backwards, which is what you do when you have to take out knitting - you knit backwards." HAHA Of course I had tinked many times but I didn't know it had a name. So I was happy to learn something while I was teaching something. And I actually chuckle every time I think of that conversation. And I believe I have laughed out loud each time I've re-told it to my husband. Which I know is more than once.


  1. Love all the hats!

    I have heard the term tinking before, but I never say it. ;o) You've probably heard of "frogging"? I heard the term a long time ago (it's when you rip out most or all of your work) but I recently learned that it's so named because when you're taking apart your piece it goes RIP-IT, RIP-IT, RIP-IT (Ribbit). I thought that was funny!

    1. I have heard that term, too, Catie, but I didn't realize it meant ripping it all out.

  2. Love all your little monentoes and gifts. I'll have to remember TINK - I do it a lot!

    1. Me too, Gillian. I think I'm a "tink" expert, but I thought I invented it. HA

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    1. Thank you. I will check out your blog as soon as hubby gets the PC re-installed after some maintenance. :^)


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