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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boot Toppers to Top Off an Outfit

As I stated in my last blog post, we recently returned from a trip to remember. Before we left I received a hand knit Christmas gift from my dear friend, Catie. It was a beautiful pair of boot toppers. It just so happened that I had gotten a pair of boots from my hubby for Christmas. The boot toppers from Catie are made by a free Ravelry pattern, Feather Lace Boot Toppers. It is a great pattern and really fun to watch grow.

While I was on my trip and trying to recover from a kidney stone, and after I had finished knitting the hat I showed in my last post, I made a pair of hand warmers to match the boot toppers that Catie had given me. I used the pattern that I adapted and shared here. The yarn I used was Lamb's Pride worsted in Grey Heather. To top it all off, I had been given a gray sweater by my son and I had made myself a gray purse or tote bag. Let me tell you, I am stylin'.

I have really enjoyed wearing the gray boot toppers - they show so nicely on black boots. I have enjoyed them so much, I decided to make myself a deep teal blue pair to match a cowl I made a few months ago. You can see the cowl here at Ravelry and find the link to the free pattern. (It originally came from a blog called Natural Suburbia.)

So I have finished one of the toppers and am on the 2nd row of the 2nd topper. Here are photos to show this little story.

Here's the lace beginning to take shape

I have to say that when I first began noticing hand warmers and boot toppers, I had a very "practical" response. I didn't see why you'd want your fingers hanging out in the cold and I didn't see any use for toppers. HOWEVER, I am really crazy about fingerless mitts now - they are wonderful in the chilly indoors. As for toppers, they make everything a bit cozier and they are very pretty. Practical? Somewhat, but pretty is also important!


  1. Both look great! Yes, I used to think fingerless gloves were only for people who lived in more temperate climes, but now I that I've knit some I totally get it.

    1. And they are fun and quick to knit, to boot. (ewwww, bad pun)

  2. The boot toppers are really lovely. They don't just have to be practical! I was thinking about making some for myself the other day (when it snowed). I ended up making myself crocheted socks. They are just long enough to show some of the crochet above a pair of ankle boots. I am pleasantly surprised at how warm they keep my feet so I think I'll be making more.

    1. Oh, Gillian, I love my knitted socks. I've only knit them with hand spun and they are wonderful. Keep 'em comin', I'd say.


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