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Sunday, June 21, 2015

World Wide Knit in Public Day and a Few Loose Ends

Did you Knit in Public with the World last Saturday? Just in our small towns around my area, I heard of several gatherings in honor of World Wide Knit in Public Day, 2015. Our local yarn shop hosted several of us with sandwiches and we had planned to meet on our town's courthouse square. And I even called the newspaper, who sounded very interested. The forecast was promising.

But the forecast was wrong. We had a good deal of rain for most of the day. So we gathered in the LYS and had a fun time of knitting, eating, laughing, chatting and sharing projects. What did you do for the day?

(In case you don't know yet, next year's WWKIPD is scheduled for June 11, 2016. Mark your calendars and if you go here you can look around for the link to register yours - that way others can find your gathering. But you might have to wait a while - they are still talking about this year's world wide events. :^)

The project I worked on the day of WWKIPD, and for quite a few days before and after, is the same hoodie I made for my son and posted about here. It is called Yaquina Bay Cardigan. But this time it is not made with hand spun yarn and it is for me. The pattern comes with a man's hoodie version and a woman's "not-hoodie" version. But I'm making a woman's hoodie version. Clear?

I am using Cascade 220 Paint in the color Denim and look how it is knitting up. And notice all the loose ends - lots of yarn left attached for doing 3 needle bind offs on the shoulders and for seaming up the sides.

It is still a WIP, with just one sleeve left to knit, sewing the side seams and sleeves into the body and then putting on the hood. Oh, and the jacket zipper will need sewing in. I'll model it when it is finished.

But it will have to be put on hold. I'm taking a class starting this Tuesday to make this sweater. Can't tell you much about it yet but will be able to later. I think it is called Bandstand by Louisa Harding. I will be using Plymouth Yarn's Cottonation, in the color Marine - which is blue. Are you surprised? I am trying to get out of my color box. But it's really hard when, given a choice, I am automatically drawn to blue. ~sigh~

And for the last loose yarn, we just recently saw one of our step granddaughters wearing the Fair Isle hat I knitted for her at Christmas. (It's the one in the very middle of the picture:)

She wears it year round and it sits on her head like this - little differently than most of the hats are worn.

So cute, don't you think?


  1. It's lovely that the fair isle hat gets worn so much. I've never heard of this event - knit in public day. I crocheted in public today - does that count? The jumper you're planning to make looks gorgeous.

    1. Gillian, go to the link I shared about World Wide Knit inPublic Day. Maybe you can organize an event for next year. Just a thought. Crochet in public is lovely. It doesn't count for Knit in Public. HA

      Does 'jumper' mean sweater in Ireland? Interesting. Jumper here means a no-sleeved dress designed to wear a sweater or shirt underneath. At any rate, I've started this jumper/sweater and it is very fun to watch the pattern emerge. I'll be sure and update my progress.


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