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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Norwegian Snowflake Hat and Other Updates

Before I get to the focus of this post, I want to update you on a few "loose ends" from my last post.

First, we have a hatch on our back porch. The four beautiful robin eggs in the nest in our fake tree have turned into funny-looking fuzz balls. We can't quite tell what all of the body parts are, as you will see:

Mother robin sits on them quite a bit which has made capturing pictures tricky. We've had very cool nights and breezy days so I'm sure she feels compelled to be a blanket for her new cheepers. And her mate must be helping out. I know he's about - the other day I tried knitting in my porch swing and the little papa made such a commotion that there was no peace & quiet. It was very annoying. Reason number 2 why I tried to discourage nest building on our porch. But the new family will soon be learning to fly and I have a box reserved for the location. (see last post)

I also mentioned in my last post about the new cotton sweater I have been working on. It is called Bandstand by Louisa Harding. I'm not sure how available the pattern is - it doesn't appear to be downloadable or purchase-able on Ravelry but maybe a bit more internet research than I have done will produce results. It was published in Louisa Harding's pamphlet, #142, Anise. The picture of her sweater is different than mine or the others in the knitting class I'm taking for it. We are all mostly using Plymouth Yarn's Cottonation, which is a worsted. The original pattern calls for a bulky yarn. So here is what I've finished so far:

 The sweater is knit "across-wise," with the cable section as the bodice. You knit two panels like this, join them and then add the sleeves. It is a sizable project for the summer but I am looking forward to wearing it this late summer and fall. And of course, since it is blue it will match practically everything I own. :^)

And now, to report on a ~drum roll~ FFO (finally finished object.) Back in March, I posted about, among other things, the Basic Norwegian Star hat that I had begun. Since that time, I had put it aside to work on warmer weather projects and finally dragged it back out in June to finish up. It just a couple of evenings to do. That makes me wonder why I didn't just finish the thing in the first place.

The last link above (Ravelry) tells the yarns I used, etc., but I will just say that if you do this pattern, take heed to the instructions regarding needle size. I went a bit bigger, thinking I knew best. I did not. I love the hat and it sits gently on my head, so as not to "smush" my hair, but I think it would be better if it were a bit smaller. So here's the beginnings and the finished hat.
I do love the 3 Row Latvian Braid.

Happy knitting, Folks!


  1. The hat is lovely. I want to crochet myself a sun hat that won't be too tight - so it doesn't squash my hair! I haven't found a pattern I like yet. Your blue jumper looks good and will be useful for cooler weather. We have lots of baby birds nesting near the house. They can get very noisy!

    1. Thank you, dear Gillian. I bet a crocheted sun hat would be lovely - much better than a knitted one, depending on the yarn weight and needle size.

      The bird mess on the porch is the worst part. uhhhhh


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