"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Friday, August 14, 2015

I Love Shawls! Traveling Woman Shawl

We've been resting up after a 3 week visit from our daughter (my step daughter) and her 4 young boys! And I mean rest. Well, besides rearranging the living room with the decorative pieces I'd hidden and besides doing laundry and cleaning. But it was nice to have them around and I'm not complaining - much. :^)

While they were here, after the kid-dos' bedtime, I had time to sit and work on my Traveling Woman Shawl, which I finished and even got blocked while they were here. (I did take my step-daughter to a couple of our morning group knitting sessions, while Grandpa entertained the boys.)

I don't really have much to add about the process, just photos of my lovely step-daughter modeling. She complained that I was taking pictures of her first thing one morning, before breakfast or even before hair brushing. She knew they would end up on the world-wide web and was wishing I'd waited a bit later in the day. But it was dry from blocking and I was excited.

I will add that I was having a lot of trouble with the free Ravelry pattern on Row 5 of the first lace pattern. So I decided to purchase the "buy-able" version and it worked out fine. But if you buy it, be prepared to make a lot of decisions - the pattern is 15 pages long with options for yarn weight, numbers of repeats you might want to do, etc.

For the yarn, I used a beautiful fingering weight from Ogle Design, called Coloration, 420 yards. She sells on Etsy and also in some yarn shops. She's from my state and I know some LYS's in our state carry her yarn, but I can't speak for LYS's in other states. But, this yarn is well worth the money - it is so soft, 100% wool, and I'm guessing merino, with a lot of spring. So nice.

I had bought a ball at Susan's Fiber Shop but could see that I was going to be a bit short. So I contacted Ogle Design Shop on Etsy and she happened to have one more like it. So I bought it and have quite a bit left! (Hmmmm, socks, I'm thinking.) As you will see the yarn goes from cream (natural) to black. So when I started the new ball, close to the end of the shawl, I started at the black end. It worked out well.
Before Blocking

I think you will have to
click on the picture for a
larger version - to appreciate
the lacy Yarn Overs.

After blocking

Isn't lace work just grand
after blocking? So exciting!


  1. I hate shawls! Well, knitting them anyway. Find me one that starts at the big end and works down, then we'll see! LOL

    Yours is beautiful! I love the yarn! It's so crazy how much the shawl changes after blocking. And what a loverly model you have. ;o)

    1. Sounds like you should knit a wide scarf with little, fancy yarn on big needles. That would make a lovely wrap. And thank you, Catie, for your kind words. :^)

  2. Just noticed this post. The shawl is really lovely. Go and have a look at the lace shawl I've just finished. Blocking made such a difference to it.

    1. I have seen your lovely crocheted shawl on your blog. Almost makes me want to crochet. :^)

      Blocking is like magic for lace.


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