"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yarn Give-Away Winner

With lots of company coming for Christmas and the week afterwards, and with hosting a small all-day-long get-together for a few of my knitting pals, I have been relishing my evening knitting sessions as a rest from the decorating and the "spinning my wheels" in all sorts of directions in preparation. But I do have some lovely inside photos to share with you.

Awaiting the arrival of Mary & Joseph - tomorrow evening.

I was quite adamant that I would not be decorating so much this year. But when the grandchildren's parents all decided to come here for Christmas, well, you can't have children around without a tree and all the decorations. And I think I decorated more than ever. It really is lovely. BUT it all has to come down and back into boxes at some point. Uhhh! We are, however, enjoying it all for now.

Soooo, the deadline for my yarn give-away has come and gone but I did do the drawing for it on the December 20 deadline and I have a winner. I had very few comments so very few entries. There was an entry for each comment on these three blog posts: herehere, and here. And there were a couple of multiple entries. Of course, you would assume the odds, with so few entries, would be with the person with the most entries. But that is not what happened. The winner is Beverly Hellenbrand. So, Beverly, email me at lindacp.0@gmail.com and I will mail you your yarn.

So with that, I will wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with good family times and especially filled with the amazement at the miracle of an all-man and all-God person being born to pay the penalty for the sins of all mankind. When you really ponder that, it almost takes your breath away.


  1. It arrived! I like to win. My mom had passed earlier this month. Thank you for adding a spark to my darkened world. It arrived in a timely manner right at my door! The beautiful variegated blue yarn is exactly as pictured. Happy knitting/crotcheting! Happy New Year! Go Bucky.

    1. I'm happy you won, too, Beverly. God knew you needed a little lift. :^) Enjoy the yarn. I hope to somehow see what you create with it. Maybe a photo in an email. :^)

  2. Loverly photos, lady! :) (I know I'm a little late.. just catching up on blog-reading!)

    I'll bet your house is back to normal now? :)


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