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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's A Wrap - Again

Ree Drummond, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, says you should never blog about the same thing twice. But, well, I've just finished another Faraway, So Close shawl by Carina Spencer.  And I paid for the pattern so I might as well get my money's worth, right? And bore any readers with the same topic, right?

So, here goes: Of course it is similar to the shawl in this post of mine, but I made the shorter version and I'm definitely planning ahead - it's a Christmas gift! Although, I just realized the other day, it is already the 5th month of 2014 - just 7 months until Christmas!!! And it's still pretty cold from the last one up here in the northwoods. :)

This time I chose Cascade 220 Paints yarn and the color is Juniper Berries, 9997. It took almost exactly 2 skeins (as I finished up, I was afraid I would run out and have to break out another). This is a lighter weight worsted, #4 so I used a larger needle than last time - size 11. I believe the finished product is a bit larger than the dimensions given in the pattern, but bigger is better, right??? Hopefully the recipient will agree.

I did end this one a bit differently from the pattern recommendations. The pattern calls for a single garter row after several stockinette rows and my first one curls a bit too much around the edges for my liking. So this time I added 4 rows of garter and it blocked up much nicer.

There's not much more to add besides what I said in my previous post. Except to say, it is a great pattern and really fun to make. I highly recommend it. I'll simply show it off with these pictures.
Here it is while being blocked. I love the multiple yarn over

Never mind the Bucky Badger PJ pants!

Gotta go - I have another Christmas present on the circulars - and several more to go.  :)

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