"Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber." Proverbs 31:19 NLT

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Warm Heads for Mom & Dad

Dear ol' Dad & Mom
As I have mentioned in numerous posts (probably to the point of excess), I made a lot of Faire Isle hats in the fall for Christmas presents. And I've made a few more since then for next year's presents. And I've made a couple of baby ones. They go quickly and look like they take forever. They are easy and look very complicated.

When I was first making them for gifts, I asked my mother if she would wear one. I had maybe never seen her wear a stocking-type hat. Her hair is very nice, wavy and "poofy," - I couldn't quite see her smashing it down with a hat. And I was right - her reply was, "No - I look like a peeled onion with those things on!" I guess that answered that! No hat for Mom.

Then at Christmas I gave my sister and brother-in-law one each and sometime in late February while chatting on the phone with Mom, she said, "I've been thinking about it. I think I would wear one of your hats when it's cold. Other women wear them and besides, you made it." So I got busy and made her one. And then, so as not to leave out Dad, I made him one, too. 

For Dad - Go Vols 

Mom's original hat
What I chose for Dad were the Tennessee Vols colors - Orange and White! The colors I chose for Mom were browns and rusts because she has always liked those colors. But while I was knitting hers, I began second-guessing myself, realizing she had mainly liked those colors in her decorating. So by the time I had finished both hats, I decided to send her 4 different hats I had already knitted for presents.

Another choice
Love this one -I've since claimed it for myself
And this one. My son said this one is "hideous."
He didn't like how the red was only on the
tip-top and didn't match the pastels of the
rest of the hat. It is Gina yarn and that's

just what it did.

I told her she only got one, that she should pick what she likes best and save the others for me so I could gift them in December.

After she tried them all on and got opinions, she selected the last one shown here - the one my son called hideous!  But she was very pleased with how the colors "matched" her complexion and hair color. So there, #2 son!  :)

And, even though she got it late in the winter, she says that she's worn it several times already!


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