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Friday, May 16, 2014

Week-End Pics

A few odds and ends as the week ends...again!

1) I just got this in the mail today from my mom. She's been crocheting for a fund-raiser at her church and she sent me one of these unique book marks. I love the delicate thread crocheting. To see some of my mother's doilies from days gone by, go to this link.

 2) I also got these beads in the mail today from Beadhaholic.com. I got them for a lacy scarf for a Christmas present. The beads go on the ends of the scarf to be pretty, of course, but also to give the light weight lace some weight to keep it in place. BUT they are too small. I ordered the size the pattern says (8/0) but they won't work. Fortunately, the entire order was $6.00, including shipping. I guess I'll be making a trip to Jo-Anne's soon. I think they just may carry some beads. Must remember to take my lace weight yarn with me.

3)Got a faire isle hat finished this week for a grandson. 3 more to go. I'll be posting the color chart for this pattern next week.

4) I did something that's probably not very thrifty - with hubby's encouragement. I bought this on eBay just yesterday. An Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. I've been eye balling them for a while - it is like my very first spinning wheel which I gave away. I don't need it but it was a very good price - used and refurbished. It is coming from New Zealand, home of the Ashford wheel, so I won't get it for a while. But I'm not hurting for a wheel so that will be okay. It'll be for posterity. And for more authentic looking demonstrations. And I might be able to come up with a few more justifications - just give me time!

5) I'm toying with the idea of spinning a bit of yarn with my golden doodle's tail hair. Not sure if I really want to do that, but I've been saving it. It might be nice as a bit of trim in hand warmers.
Just look at that tail!

This is the approximate idea.

6) Got some coleus, sweet potato plants and snap dragons for the pots out front. Just need some short-ish grass to finish them off. But we had a light frost last night and another possible one tonight. Guess we'll be keeping them watered in their greenhouse pots and move them back and forth from the garage to the porch until planting time.

7) We've had a busy bird week. Just tonight we had 5 male Northern Orioles at the feeders and a female AT THE SAME TIME. Crazy!! And we've seen an orchard oriole several times, too. They are eating jelly like, well...like it's goin' outa style. (Fortunately for us humans, jelly is NOT going out of style.)
Male Northern Oriole

Male Orchard Oriole

We've had a nice, quiet week with few obligations. And it's supposed to be a bit spring-like the next couple of days up here in the Northwoods. You have a nice weekend, ya hear?

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  1. Love that potted plant thingy. Can't wait till I have the time and resources to pretty-fy our home. :)

    I really like that bookmark, too!


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